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Nao in 5W believes in the power of being brave and challenging yourself. She talks about her experiences in trying new things at a new school. Nao realizes that being brave and challenging yourself is not easy, but you grow as a person if you try. Please enjoy Nao’s essay on the power of being brave and challenging yourself.

In this essay, Mingyo Jo is going to talk about her belief in the power or 'colour' which she finds helps her to express her feelings.

Ray is a boy in Yokohama international school in Japan. He is going to talk about why being positive is a really good thing and that being negative is a bad thing. Come and explore and listen to his podcast about positivity.

Julie Cobee has a belief in the power of happiness and of finding true joy in life. Looking back at her brothers and how they are a big part of her life. She realises that the ones she enjoyed being with the most were the ones who made her happy. Not just the people that liked her. Here is Julie Cobee with her essay on why she believes you make another person happy just by talking to them!

Kai sees himself as a normal 11-year-old student. He believes in the power of music because when his close relative died he listened to music after and it normally made him feel a bit better. He thinks that music is a very helpful way of doing work and that music helps people with most work.


Koki has a belief in the power of “Humor” and Jokes, having FUN with others and bonding with them. Looking back he notices all of his friends he made most of them was because they thought he was funny but he also liked his friends that made jokes and made him laugh a lot more than others. Here is Koki from 5W with his essay on why he believes in humor and jokes!


Kotaro started to believe in the power of saying hello to people. He truly believes in saying hello because in the past he was the one that didn’t say anything. He was also shy. After he said hello he has learned a lot of things. Here is Kotaro from 5W with his essay for ‘This I Believe.’

Zenon believes in the sport “basketball”. He first found out about this game at school and then loved it so much that he quit both of his biggest sports he was playing which were soccer and swimming. He loves basketball and wants to become a professional so he can do it for a  living. This is Zenon with his essay about basketball.